Grieving Friend

A darkened room,with curtains of every window stretched while sunbeam tried to revolt and rose against the barriers for it’s existence .
Near a deformed corner lies Shaha, with arms crossed over her legs and her modest head resting on her arm.
I could only see her outline in that unlit room. She had darkened her lovely palace within her room herself. A state of dejection, which redirected her aspects into this dim and gloomy domain.
Struggling through the scattered and extremely chaotic room, I finally opened up the enforced shackles from the glittering rays . Sun rays struck her bodily structure, yet it failed to evoke any kind of human response.
“Oh Shaha! Don’t force yourself into that filthy abyss from where nobody can lend you a hand” I cried
She felt herself being haplessly forgotten in this world.
This wasn’t the first dismal that is dispiriting her, she has been into that gloom and dreary life from last few years.
Shaha had felt my steps leading to the couch she laid on, but still she ignored my call of concern.
I settled besides her and called her name couple of times before she reacted.
“I want to be alone,don’t stress yourself for me” she said
Though, her attitude might sound rude, but I realized how much desolate she has been,she needed a gentle hand over her shoulder to calm her inner self.
Shaha stood to move near the window.
I perceived her sundry emotions. She might collapse in tears any time but she might not even utter a word to be shared.
I pushed hard to open up the window. Seemed years passed by ,yet nobody forced them to unfold the secrets of world that lied on the other side.
Those frigid winds, could evoke something in my friend, she might speak up her mind to me. She admired chilly winds that flicked away her brown hair, and turned her blubbery nose red.
“Shaha, why aren’t you writing, that has been your saviour for so long?” I asked
I actually was requesting her with my hands folded, I imagined. I couldn’t lose her. I can’t let her die in that forlornness.
She has couple of notebooks where she penned down whatever came to her mind. There were rivers of different colours flowing on those rivers. She wasn’t a writer as she said ,but writing gave her a pleasure, a sense of rejuvenation. She freed herself from stifling and suffocating air, by composing words that made her respire again and smile towards the end.
Her words soothed her wounds, and made her life worth living for few more moments .
“I’m done with writing, I’m done with everything, there is nothing to look for.” She sighed.
Feeling remorseful I thought. She has been my bestie throughout. But she was more of a friend to her composition. That’s why I stood concerned but I couldn’t figure out what’s bothering her, what is consuming her within.
“Look shaha” I took her hand in mine, yet her dull and spiritless eyes were stuck at something beyond the window I opened.
“Look Shaha, You can share anything you want to, I will understand, I won’t laugh, I’m your friend, Right?” I said
Still her eyes searching for something far off, she feebly replied” Whatever has happened till date, has made me think” she paused.
“I’m useless! My existence is pointless. I don’t want you to differ that. If you want to really help me – let me succumb under this sadness, it’s my newly made friend. I feel secured right here in my room. And yes! Don’t sympathize with me, that just affirms my merit-less existence “.
She left me wordless and I looked like an inarticulate beast.

~Shaila Mir

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