Final Look

Tempest swept over mind and heart,
each part  ached to reach an end.
self stood hard and stiff;even though,
stiff and fagged through the journey,
I finally collapsed very near the goal.
I could envision the finish and me,
couldn’t clasp harder even if I could.
for my core seemed to shed blood,
limbs and feet suffer;ail miserably,
and my eyes are shuttering slowly.
then I let my mind to  crumble.
desires surge within for a final look
at my blear and vanishing foot marks.
they have been my partners of conceal,
relieved for I have walked all long.
yet I missed to see the beyond world.
now I’m drifting to death;content.
but my final look is strained and tense,
even so it is dearly loved – my final look.

~Shaila Mir

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