• Always
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    “Always,” he’d say with his dimpled smile that would carve a hollow across the curves of his lips. “Forever, this way you’d melt in my arms,” she’d hear him say, with the shades of his eyes screening the sky. But, forever is a lie they say. *And then he left her, with his dreams upon […]

  • A Mirrored Sea
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    How would you Escape The cage That I caught you in For eternity And beyond, With bars of ink And base be paper’s? Hypnotising You with my imaginations Making you love me The way I love you; A mirrored sea Of my love to you… ~Mehak Dhaar

  • Unlike Men
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    Now it’s so unlike men, That I kept things, That I wanted to say Afraid that I might Lose you again, I hid them away. Otherwise If I could, I’d follow you anywhere. To hell or to the fire that’d Rise from you. Wherever it is that you, Find me latticed in blues, Transcend in […]

  • He
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    He is my heart ache, but also the remedy which vanishes my pain. He is the echo of my laughter and the speechless sorrow of my eyes. He is my words which come out of my body as a soothing melody. He is the air which inhabits me and the breath that fills my body […]

  • The Bangles
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    When I was innocence – compiled once, my granny and me crossed some street At the corner of which, my heart skipped a beat pink and purple, orange and crimson… Come take them home, for the “Brides of this Autumn” these bangles are the framed glasses that shimmer I caught the hem of my nani’s […]

  • I am Lost
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    In the wilderness, I’m lost Or, Do I love being a hermit? In solitary I found myself, In a secluded cemetery away from here, The ambience, the me, both spooky, Frightening my soul with their rotten complexion, O moon, brace me, I’m stumbling, On the mounds of this unknown graveyard, Here, during nights, some strange clamours rise, […]

  • Wildest Truth
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    I confront the wildest truth that love completes you,the selfless love love finds a place to dwell in not can we strive for its attainment he said with his voice lowered let us first be worthy of love I looked away with modesty and the eyes filled with tears his head lowered I could see […]

  • The Tree Of Soul
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    The man , the so called “best of creations” of the nature, is not good or bad .Rather, the good and the evil are both within him. Not without. He contains an angel as well as a demon in him. That one side (either good or bad ) of his self which he fosters,naturally suppresses […]

  • Longings
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    Out there in the continent of longings; while holding wishes for you, I never knew I was in love too. My chest was home to a cold blooded war & eyes numb, were looking for any available bar. And then I found the antidote by which every wound heals. I touched it & found it […]

  • Its all mine
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    In the crowdy streets of my life Its me, constantly singing melodies of misery Rain, bringing with it the ocean of agony Twilight moon scattering the light of darkness Smoting upon my door stand felicious beings Inviting me to the seeming merriness Smoting harder,louder But I lie perplexed and still Ignorant to the call As […]

Phantom Thoughts


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By Vaidehi Sharma   It has been fifty four days since I saw you, and just in case you think that I have forgotten the formation of your face, then you are wrong. If you think that I haven’t even tried that, you’re wrong again. You should have warned me that it’s our last meeting, […]

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