• Just In Case
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    Just in case you don’t know, I was there, when all you had was everything but not anything. Just in case you don’t know, when I was about to get in, you closed the door. Just in case you knew I was out there and you closed the door, wasn’t I the one at loss. […]

  • Okay Talks
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    Not usual, it sprouts from the heart: Unable to speak up that’s how an Okay Comes into being and tell me now Isn’t it that an ok pines away your smile. Still you give voice to it, you hide behind, But I don’t accept an okay! For I see: A flamed soul bitterly burning. I […]

  • But My Spirit Was Always You
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    I found the shape of my soul in his eyes And his eyes captured my little beautiful world He moved within my spirit My silence and my blusterous voice He is the rudder and sail of my soul And the tide which brings me to the shore Without him my soul does nothing But tosses […]

  • Muse
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    On a halcyon shore did I lie by. Surrounded by mirrors with a hue so bright. Reflecting within me the sands and the sores. The heaps and the holes. The ground underneath so deep. With a flair and some reef. Seeping down into my toes. The brine met some sores. Which had been had from […]

  • Silence Speaks Better Than Words
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    Years have passed by and I am still looking for the words that would describe my feelings for you. I searched books of every kind to collect words by which I could convey to you what I actually felt when I first saw you. Word by word I collected my thoughts about you and when […]

  • Faded Changes
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    This is how creator drives the universe. Love, Time, people, emotions, feelings, colours and everything change. Yes, everything changes. Some changes bring glow in things and some make the things faded. Faded things are not mundane. They hold begining, purity, sincerity and some pure colours. These faded things reflect to give glow to some dark […]

  • Known Unknown
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    Those words, written on that wall, I saw in my dream, were known and, unknown too, they were crying out, to be read, crying out: we are known, we are words, we speak, read us. Some were, upside down, some fading away, some were aged, some broken. They were, known and, unknown too. A glance: […]

  • Empty Carnivals and Sleep
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    Three AM mornings- coffee books and her fireflies usher into my stomach tenderly, like a pleasant lullaby filling my small ears. By heavens I tell you by dawn it burns me; like evening vodka slitting down my sore throat. Is that how you fall asleep? The pulse of vintage longing ticks like the clock of a […]

  • The Last Day Together In Dreams
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    On that Friday it was my last day even we were apart some cold waves ought me to think that we were together even being apart you spoke of mine beautifully about being yours! the way we looked at each other together was feeling like we were made for each other at the last! she […]

  • I can’t Fight Anymore
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    Ah! Days when I stood, upright. Stern and severe along,unitedly Even if cranky ,sad,and tragic. Now, Left Tarred and feathered By my owned chaotic and bruised life, Dead to the world ,that’s all I live. Spectator, roaming in far off domains , I might not let my lips to whisper, Let everything shut off, for […]

Phantom Thoughts


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By Vaidehi Sharma   It has been fifty four days since I saw you, and just in case you think that I have forgotten the formation of your face, then you are wrong. If you think that I haven’t even tried that, you’re wrong again. You should have warned me that it’s our last meeting, […]

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