• Dilation
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    Layers of narratives piled atop my wooden table like books waiting to be read. I push it aside, letting it fall into a bottomless pit, constantly turning, swirling, as I sighed and wiped away a solitary loitering tear. Fear of judgement, angst, hormones and unknown passions of the body lined up outside my door as […]

  • Hope
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    …and I was left frozen amidst the numbness of the night and beneath the hideous,vicious and devilish cackle of the sky.The awful blink of the scintillating stars above me restricted me from all the possible moves.I could feel their fierce flashes stabbing me from all the possible sides .The wicked whistle of the ferocious wind […]

  • Success A Choice
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    Success is not achieved merely by dreaming. If success came from only dreaming, then the word failure would have disappeared from the Earth. You need to delve into yourself and look what you are heading towards If you want to make your future better, make use of every passing moment in the present. Comfort makes […]

  • The Strange Winter Night
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    This winter was not the usual dead and cold Yet to me some mysteries did it unfold A strange mid-feb night, the sky was light blue Total contrast to the usual dark hue Though it was all bright yet the sky was not clear As if the stars had hidden out of fear Even though […]

  • Oblivion
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    A neat love is kind of a myth; you know you don’t plant it, until it happens to you; it remains a myth no more. It’ll happen; you wouldn’t get enough time to figure it out, it’ll be impulsive and bashful, it’ll be quiet and galactic, it’ll be sound and chaos, it’ll be impatient and […]

  • The Longings
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    When the night comes to its darkest phase, when the stars fade, when the moon hides behind the clouds, I switch to the letters which I have been writing for you from a long time ago. I neither desire to give those letters to you nor I stop writing them. While writing those letters my […]

  • Fazed Conscience
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    The other day, while applying Kohl. I felt two eyes staring at me. My reflection was no longer me! I could sense the accusing glare penetrating my heart, my body, my soul! I lifted my eyes and saw the old, the better (happy, content) me, desperately searching my face… …seeking the answer to the unannounced […]

  • The Change
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    She sat there serenely watching them all leaving her one by one. They didn’t care about her feelings or the expectations the ‘silly girl’ had attached to them. Even though she was known for her strength but deep down she wondered to herself, ‘I am also a human at the end of the day with […]

  • Date Yourself
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    The toughest of all the tasks in this universe is to visit yourself. You can’t simply go and greet yourself. You are firstly supposed to find a road, the road which can take you within you. The road can give you happiness as well as melancholy. There is a foe on the way, please be […]

Phantom Thoughts


He -My Splitting Desire
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The mountains and the rivers were both besides us that day We held our hands and thus the winters arrived His lips were then shaped like a snow canopy Upon which my holy lips trekked That day He became the first chapter I read in years What better devastation was he! Every ladder he took […]

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