Faith And Logic

It’s like brain and heart working together against each other.

Often times we find ourselves in such situations where we have to choose between the two things simultaneously mocking us. We find it real hard to choose between these two things, and have to go with one of them either half heartedly or with half conscience. One part of us leads us in one way while the other part has an equally better way to offer. Often we get confused over the selection of the simplest thing in the market, and one of the choices has to surrender.

It is strange, that how these two things get us so confused when our brain can give us the most calculated and logical answer to every choice. We think with brain so what is the other thing that drags us in the opposite direction. What is it that sometimes makes us to deny the clear logic? Homo sapiens, amongst the members of kingdom mammalian have this unique capability, to think, perceive process and decide. Despite having this unique gift, the thinking ability of our mind is sometimes questioned by the counter logic existing within ourselves.

Most of us being believer, pray. We pray to an unseen God and yet we believe in it. We believe in God to the extent that, to question about His existence may seem offensive. We believe when we bow and pray to God. Something inside us makes us believe that our prayers are being listened to. Something beyond the calculative logic tells us to believe in it. Our heart or more precisely our faith tells us to believe in it.

The working of a human body if closely observed is way too complex to understand. Life as a whole is undifferentiable. The logic tells us that life is a set of metabolic reactions taking place inside our body but our faith draws us towards the concept of spirit or soul residing inside a mould of mud. The two things go side by side and none can be denied. Our logic asks us why? And the faith asks us why not?  Brain tells us you can’t deny, and the heart asks us, how can you deny? Both the sides have equal weightage and to strike a balance is must.

Our ‘logic’ and ‘emotion’ both hold hands and coordinate together to help us in delivering a decision. The duo of brain and heart working inside the body synchronize in a perfect way to keep us going. But yet we often find a dispute between the two. The emotional decisions we take seem ‘illogical’ to brain and the logical decisions appear ‘unemotional’ to heart. This happens in lot of situations, and one of them always has to surrender. We cannot eat the cake and have it too! Sometimes the logic surpasses the emotion and elsewhere our heart overpowers our logic.

Some people may have a great control over their emotional side and never do let it overtake their logic; they may be called as ‘logical’ or ‘rational’ people while the ‘idealists’ and ‘fanatics’ go less by the logic, and hold on to the emotional side of their personality. It is like in a game of cricket, some people support a team for their capability and performance while the others are die hard supporters of a team for the sake of emotional attachment or fanaticism. It can be also exemplified in this way that a mother always thinks that her child is the best and can do the best beshelfing the real capabilities and potentials of the later, while as a teacher being a logical critic is impeccable in judging the potentials of a student, no emotions being involved.

Aside from these two extremes there is a medium lot who have a sense of judging a situation, and then acting logically or emotionally or even find mid way as per the demand of the situation. Such people may be called as ‘perfectly average’, but as goes the old saying that no one is perfect the concept of such balanced character may seem a bit ‘utopian’. At some point in life all of us face certain situations where we have to go by either brain or heart. Sometimes or logic surrenders and sometimes the emotion pulls back. However both occupy a significant position and have their permanent placements in the setting of our being. The emotion related to our faith never lets logic to shadow it and on the other hand the logic of the struggle to survive never fades behind emotions. Both have a lighter and brighter side.

All together it seems to be a part and parcel of human nature and it should be too. We must live in both sun and shadow, may be not at the same time but at least in an unbiased division of time. Our brain and heart represent this strange symphony. They do seem to be making counter decisions against each other, but always work for and with each other to make life a colorful experience.

Aiman Banday

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