Faded Changes

This is how creator drives the universe. Love, Time, people, emotions, feelings, colours and everything change. Yes, everything changes. Some changes bring glow in things and some make the things faded. Faded things are not mundane. They hold begining, purity, sincerity and some pure colours. These faded things reflect to give glow to some dark hearts not when light hits them but when they are in dark. Think of any faded change. Do you feel it has a happy part ? Although this faded part gives us pain when eyes are open yet you close the eyes, you feel happiness. This faded thing thing teaches us a lot. Patience, love, kindness are the derivations of this faded thing. Look at an old man whose hair has faded to gray, whose hands constantly shiver. Look at his patience, when hischildren left him in an old age home. Look at his love, every day he prays for their well being. Look at the patience of a flower who desires to be the host of a butterfly but due to the faded colour of its petals, no butterfly passes by its side. Look inside the eyes of a lover, whose love from the beloved’s side faded. His patience has the depth of oceans and his love has reached the height of mountains. After decades, do look on this paper on which i am writing the beauty of faded things. See, this paper will witness the love for the ink,when the ink will be faded. This paperwill be like the shroud for the ink and the faded ink will be buried deep in its soul.

~Farhana Bashir

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