Everything Has A Flip Side



We always look at the obvious, at the point which is focal,
But isn’t it funny how everything, even the brightest things are equivocal?

How a parting hug can shatter a heart into a gazillion pieces
And a reuniting one can fuse them back and wipe off the creases

A smile can be the most revealing expression one can make.
At the same time it can be concealing, hiding all the pain and heartache.

Laughter can be one of the most beautiful and uplifting sounds
And sometimes it just knocks you and smashes you to the ground.

A wave or a handshake could be a promising and a lucrative “hi”
Or be a fare thee well,an adios, a goodbye !

Sometimes we shut our eyes to just zone out and wish for death
And sometimes with contentment, joy in every breath.

A tear, like a fountain could bubble up from sheer delight
Or be triggered by pain like rain on a stormy night.

Goes to show that everything and everyone has a flip side
Can’t judge by the surface, there’s a face you show, there’s one you hide

Reuel Arnez Kaul

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