This crystal droplet namely ‘dew’,
Is not just a dew,
It’s a story of enduring date,
Where it falls from a height,
Where it is Frozen in night,
Where it Has no shelter,
Where it has no companion,
Where it’s all alone in its dark life.
But why? Is it a custom??
Or just a cycle of nature??
Is it for the refreshment of land??
Is it’s survival of no use?
Then ,is it’s life meaningless??
It’s Because it’s not just a dew,
Its a story of enduring date.
Its only ambition is,
To meet its beloved,
The beloved known as sun.
Surviving painfully in the dawn,
Waiting for termination of night,
and take that ample sun with itself,
Joyfully and peacefully,
So that it can give itself away,
Bind its life to the beloved,
Mixing with its brightness,
Promising and proving its eternal end,
With its beloved,with the rising sun.

~M. Mohsin

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