Despondent Drizzles

Beclouded is sky
Perished-hopes by ran
With every visit of rain
I miss my gentleman

Sound of falling drops
Hammers my patience
Thy lady lingering
In flooded despondence

Nauseating this winter
Nebulous is sky
Cursed is thy manhood
Leaving me high & dry

Drenching rain drops
Soiled,wrecked home
Ingression drizzles
Through fractured dome

My misery, my pains
Downpours shall witness
Feeble and force-less
Washed-out thy mistress

Wasted my greenness
Frigid and frozen
Gelid and burning feet
My Green eyes sunken

Overtly I doth lament
But none has mercy
In the waves of Jehlum
I see only aridity

Peeping through sky
Consistently wonder
Beyond murky clouds
My lord lives yonder

What for then?
I lament and worry
Let trust be restored
In his puissant jury.

~Ensha Zehra

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