Desolate Love

À caged bird’s heart beat for a glowing ball
Fiery, Mighty and Encompassing ball.
Each day its caged existence captured the sun’s image in its eyes.
The body cud drown it
But its soul lifted it up.
One day the latch opened
And it took a flight.
The pangs of love in its bosom
Compelled a journey heavenwards.
Flew,it flew each day with passion and enthusiasm
Blinded by love it went closer and closer.
But Alas!!the unbearable heat burnt its wings.
It came tumbling down and landed amidst dust.
Fiery burning wings!
It raised her voice to Heaven
And wished for a shower of rain Instead the sun shone brightly
and the wounded bird was heartbroken.
A year’s wait sprouted feathers from the burnt wings.
It was happy to take another flight.
Same passion,same destination &
Same fate.
A Sisyphean task it performs every day.
It grows its feathers every year to burn them.
It takes a flight to fall anew.
For it, the love of Beloved is an impossibility.
A hunter captured it again
And thrusted it in the prison.
The sorrow in its bosom,
Its melancholic throat
Produced wails of dejection, sighs.
Till death overtook it.
Its eyes wide open
Empty & desolate.

~ Heena Fayaz

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