Date Yourself

The toughest of all the tasks in this universe is to visit yourself. You can’t simply go and greet yourself.
You are firstly supposed to find a road, the road which can take you within you.
The road can give you happiness as well as melancholy. There is a foe on the way, please be careful.
Although this is going to be a tough trip, yet once you will reach the destiny, you will find the real beautiful universe.
You will find the real happiness, the moment you and your self will become best friends.
You will find a place where you will date yourself, the place is known as solitude.
There will be a music in background, the music is known as the rhythm of heart.
There is a fountain, each and every drop coming out of it will be felt so intensely by you, the fountain is your heart dripping blood out of it.
All the secrets will be revealed, all the pain will vanish and happiness will be unveiled.

~Farhana Bashir

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