O you who keeps on calling and shouting
O you who keeps on quietly sulking
Its Your spark that fills me
Please dont die inside me!
Wrong you, I wrong me
Aware of how painful to you it’ll be
Yet helplessly you let me do, you let me be
Please don’t die inside me!
Carelessly or intentionally, I go wrong and astray
Not looking down on me, you correct, you guide, you allay
No matter what, you always accept me
Please don’t die inside me!
Sometimes perplexed, sometimes grim
Sometimes you go completely numb
Less dependent on disposition of me
Please don’t die inside me!
It is you who fills me with all the zeal
It is you who makes the right and wrong reveal
It is you who talks truth to me
Please don’t die inside me!
I suppressed ,oppressed and neglected you
But you kept on speaking, loudly as well as subtly
Don’t ever go silent and heedless on me
Please don’t die inside me!
I don’t know what you are
A voice, a sensation or a vibe
But when I feel you I feel alive
I know you strive to uplift me
Please don’t die inside me!

~Iqra Altaf

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