Come Now

Bereft of my syndromes,
Cleaving of flighty men
Inside; a war takes over,
Lead me home, come now.

Those men at war,
I’m my own infinite,
And my own infidel.
Be my vizir, come now.

A plight to hold on,
I’ve admired you timelessly,
Make my heart your home,
Light something in me, come now.

The speck of me beyond,
Each moment goes stark,
I can’t stand. I’m a refugee
of hourglasses, come now.

I seek no more rather,
A refining benchmark.
Make no vows, I’m muzzled.
Smolder me anew, come now.

Oft mediocre of loves,
I’ve been slithered.
My Spine is optimum.
Sea patience, come now.

The seers have broke,
I’m the key to surmise.
Shrunk in paroles where,
Shackled is sun, come now.

I have woven cervices,
I herald them to furloughs.
I have been banished,
Save this patriot, come now.

A weeklong to be a star,
An eternity to die, Love!
Legions of past reflect,
Walk me through, come now.

They say, Oh you Lord.
Oh you hide in each.
Where lies the meager,
Let’s wash ashore, come now.

In the lonely is profound,
I recall Tasawwuf in me.
The ink spills, tears vaporise,
The clots wither, come now.

By Ubair Fayaz Fazili

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