Broken Dreams A Sigh

A Carrefour stood wide and broad.
My eyes peeped through the bars,
With sunken shoulders stooping low.
Can you see my broken dreams?

Broke out; drove long under the shackles,
Screamed loud, all through, the desert,
Rived open my wounded chest.
But did you saw my bleeding dreams?

Spread out my bruised & battered arms.
Yelling for aid, leaving off humans exposed.
I ran from under the shade to scorching sun.
Did you saw them treading upon my dreams?

I garnered the shards of my imperfect dreams,
Kissing & wiping them with my feeble hands.
Squalling & holding them close to my heart.
But did you saw shards of my broken dreams?

They prepared to lower me down; I lay
Under my coffin, with my dead dreams
Serene and calm; amid convulsive sobs, could you-
Catch my final glimpse with my broken dreams?

-Shaila Mir

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