Beti bachao Beti padhao.


Proud Daughter : Maryam Mirzakhani, the first female recipient of the Fields Medal.


Beti bachao beti padhao”, this is what various news channels and dailies are covering these days since our nation has realized, however  late, that we need to save the girl child. This is a nation which was busy saving ‘Tigers’ otherwise.
Was the government planning for the male population to marry tigers ?
I am not against saving tigers, but I guess saving the ‘girl child’ is much more important.
This newly launched champaign reminds me of a lady ‘Sheeba” who had a habit of screaming because her three month anticipation for the sound life of her baby was diminished by her in layws into the haunting silence of death.
She often screamed in conversations with God. But it’s not what you think. She wasn’t screaming at Him . She was screaming with Him, He was just as angry as her, that she His little girl, missed out on a life with her little girl. the one He knitted together so delicately in her womb.
No, not because her baby was suffering from any disorder, not because she was putting her mothers life at risk but simply because she was a girl, because her father thought she was a burden, because her father thought that shell cost him too much and because her father like so many others, wanted ‘raja beta’ to support him in his old age.
But my recent survey related to people in old age homes revealed that around 68% such people have sons. Then I ask all those parents why blame daughters.
I ask them why are daughters killed even before they can see this world. All such girls who fell prey to foeticide would have developed immense hatered for this world, where their loved ones murdered them by seperating all their delicate body parts much before they could ever smile for the first time, or say ‘mama,’ and ‘bab’a’ or ever ask for makeup or fall in love.

The End.


Written by Haiqa Nowsheen 


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