Behind That Smile

With a simple notebook under lamp, I ran my fingers over the various jottings enclosed in it. It wasn’t written in the best of English, simple vocabulary, but it could touch your heart. So effective it was that within a few moments you would realise that you’re teary-eyed.
Aarzoo resting over her crossed arms near the fenestral of her room, dreamed of all possible realistic and non realistic worlds where she could ramble around . Her brown hair flickered amid the breeze making her dull and deserted green eyes overt. Even so ,there was something stirring and frothy in her personality that could strangely be sensed .
For her flesh and blood she was an imbecile child. They detested and disliked Aarzoo. The reasons and grounds were distinctly her academic results. When her elder brother would bring laurels to the family ,she was subjected to wrath by same relations .Though she ne’er was a repeater but certainly she was an average student.
Aarzoo’s father a lawyer by profession desired her to be on the top or first in the fray. Since, she was considered a half wit and cretin, it only bought resentment in her father’s heart against her. His rancour took the form of extreme hostility. Aarzoo’s brother too treated her as an invisible entity in his house whose presence is hardly felt by any.
Once while sitting in her room;arms crossed over her chest ,she was lost in some distant world. She was dreaming herself in far alleys along with her own kind. Her thoughts were juggling between reality and imagination and then eyes caught a delightful sight. She was mesmerized to see birds fluttering and flying so high into vast skies . Such visual aroused a desire in Aarzoo’s heart.

Birds Flies So High, Why Can’t I be a Bird,Wonderful To Have Wings !

Later in the evening she hesitantly requests her father “Please ! Can we get a bird?” .
Although he didn’t concurred on Aarzoo’s wish ,but still he purchased 2 birds inside a cage for his son too has shown interest and curious attitude in the same.

Finally happy to have them -2 Birds named love and laugh.THRILLED !!

Few days passed and Aarzoo showed enthusiasm as long as she was locked with her new and true buddies.
Aarzoo noticed that one among the 2 bird had strange conduct. It constantly collided itself at the small door of the cage,as to free itself . While the other one was diligent at pegging .
At night, Aarzoo has a dream ; it created stir in her life .It invoked a vehement person from the core. Even though she was known for her peculiar nature but today she was in all different spirits and energies. It was a sundry feeling -rejoiced and panic strick.

I Had a Life Changing Vision.

Very next morning she unlocked the cage to free the birds from shackles. In accord with her mention ,only one of them desired to flew off which jubilantly it did.
She was relieved and eased as in her dream she had foresaw herself in lieu of insurgent ,retaliating bird; the other one was envisioned as her brother.

I’m freeing myself ,releasing myself to fly .Escaping from restrictions .

She lays herself over some worn out mattresses near a garbage heap , a mile away from her home . Then leans back to stare above at the shining stars.

I’m a doll with mind , I’m a star above in the sky .

Her eyes glittered , lips stretched for a smile ,she lays breathless over there. A smug glow of liberation was on her face . A dead body with soul in aviation.

By Shaila Mir.

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