As The Ink Flew

As the ink flew,
On those papers that blew,
As the hands became cold,
Killing memoirs not too old,
The invisible thread that,
Kept you tied to me,
It’s broken, it’s gone,
Granting freedom to thee,
Leaving all that’s burnt,
All that’s left is grey ashes,
To welcome a new sun,
To greet the new light,
To start from the point,
Where neither you are wrong,
Nor I am too right.

I still wish you all smiles,
No pains, no worries, no cries,
May you get what you want,
May you touch your own skies,
Hope it’s easy for you,
To forget this phase,
The chapter unwanted,
With no happiness to chase,
It’s time to welcome new sun,
It’s time to feel new light,
It’s time to start from the point,
Where neither you are wrong,
Nor I am too right.

-Kaushal Thakkar

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