• Career
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    A Parent’s Choice… Most of my friends have asked me this question one time or the other: “Why don’t boys seem to have a purpose in life nowadays?”. Now, I for one believe myself to be the epitome of all the problems (and a considerable number more), that boys have to counter before they are […]

  • Crimes Against Women
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    Crimes against women have increased at a tremendous pace which is quite embarrassing for our society. Molestations, rapes, murders, dowry cases, etc. are some of the common ones that can be enlisted. There are as well certain other “syndromes” which are prevailing in our society but are not even counted. Why is our society being […]

  • Non-marital Relationships in Conservative Societies
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    “What Must I Do ? The problem with being too “Westernized” or “Modern” in a largely traditional society is that, while you are free to do stuff your own way and feel liberated beyond the restrictions of conventional values, you are also subjected to many tough and piercing lessons in life. Say, for example, a […]

  • You Have To Weep Alone
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      The world is a pool of very selfish people. Most of them are motivated by their own interests to flatter others, and everyone “feathers their own nest” ultimately. It is an impulse which makes them love others and to care for others, while they remain somewhat ignorant of underlying motives. Who doesn’t know that in this […]

  • Addicts and Addictions
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    What It Means To Be Human : Stoned^ People don’t realize just how free they are nowadays. In all its glory, the modern world has bestowed upon us so much power that there are no “limitations” anymore. You can be whoever you want, do whatever you want, have all the luxuries and still rant about how […]

  • The Awesomeness of Bees | So Much To Learn
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      It has nearly been a year since news broke out that more than 40 million bees were found dead in Canadian apiaries, the prime suspect being neonicotinoids, a suspicious and yet highly commercialized group of chemical pesticides. Some time after this, we came to know how the UK lost more than 50% of it’s […]

  • The Child is father of the Man
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      While going through The Times of Israel’s online portal, I came across an article that details what a difficult year this has been for Israeli kids and how much their education has suffered due to the unceasing conflict in the region. Needless to say, all of it came across as dishonest patter because I […]

  • Monks and Monkhood|What’s To Blame?
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    ” If Buddhism becomes tainted, so too will the nation’s faith in itself. ” Watching a gripping documentary on #AlJazeera about Buddhism in Thailand and how monks are losing credence due to a rise in criminal activities (and other “forbidden acts”) amongst them. By virtue of our innate need to draw comparisons and relate situations, […]

  • Things Fall Apart
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    Love the ideas; they guide you in the chaos. Love the feel of being in existence. Love the aura around you. You can love every other thing but don’t love the “things” as they fall apart. From childhood we learn that nothing lasts forever. A toy breaks into pieces, the somber solace lasts for few […]

  • Beti bachao Beti padhao.
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      “Beti bachao beti padhao”, this is what various news channels and dailies are covering these days since our nation has realized, however  late, that we need to save the girl child. This is a nation which was busy saving ‘Tigers’ otherwise. Was the government planning for the male population to marry tigers ? I […]

Phantom Thoughts


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By Vaidehi Sharma   It has been fifty four days since I saw you, and just in case you think that I have forgotten the formation of your face, then you are wrong. If you think that I haven’t even tried that, you’re wrong again. You should have warned me that it’s our last meeting, […]

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