And I Chose To Smile

And then came the tough part,
I knew I’d stumble a million times.
Difficult was to endure within it
Darkness grasped my body
Agony encompassed me,
But, the Soul inside
Was still full of strength.
As I took the steps,
One two and three
With silence reigning my life,
Nothing sounded louder
With my hope as an exception
Like a mountain,
Strong and powerful,
And yet, gentle as a flower
Battling against the cruelties
I became all of grey and black
I withered like a waning moon
Butas  seasons change,
So did my perception
This was my own battle, after all
I stood still,
Against the downfall
With my only curve.
That, set all straight
With HIM as an armour
All I could gift this
tough life in return
Was a smile.

By Mehak Ayaz

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