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People don’t realize just how free they are nowadays. In all its glory, the modern world has bestowed upon us so much power that there are no “limitations” anymore. You can be whoever you want, do whatever you want, have all the luxuries and still rant about how miserable your life is ! Heck, you can even resolve to do absolutely nothing with your life and conveniently expect that someone will come to feed you.

So, it’s really no surprise that society has fallen prey to several kinds of addictions. Let’s not get into the blame-game because we all know it’s ot constructive and that everyone’s responsible and we must avoid it bla bla bla………….
DAMN IT !! What in the world has become of our schools…???

Yes, those money hoarding charlatans !!? They don’t teach you about the strength of the human spirit anymore. They don’t teach you about *anything* that matters !! Now, it’s all about getting good grades and classifying little, delicate minds as “good” students, “average” students and “failures”. Exceptions are always there… but, even teachers are not bothered to help you get out of a difficult time. They’re not concerned with what your family’s like at home or how difficult it is to have a focus. It’s none of their business. They don’t care and they don’t want to help. They’re not teachers anymore.
We can go completely berserk blaming the insincerity of another “institution” as well (if you know what I mean) but, we should instead focus on something productive and politically correct… so, I don’t end up getting death threats or sumthin 😛

Coming back to the topic, while we are fully aware of how essential it is to be careful with our choices, given how much freedom we have nowadays, there has never been more of a reason to find a solution for this problem, to try and curb addiction through education.

I believe that the need of the hour is experiential learning !! A session/program which aims at harnessing all the five senses to maximize understanding. For example, a lesson about drug education should involve student interactions with real life addicts as well as with people who are drug free, and willing to offer assistance. Even in a conservative place like Kashmir, there are people selfless enough to do this, just visit the (GOVT. PSYCHIATRIC DISEASES HOSPITAL in Rainawari). This will not only expose the sickening effects of drug addiction, but it will also help these young minds to develop a culture of sympathy for drug abusers, and all addicts in general…. After all, what is the generic, all-encompassing purpose of education? To create responsible citizens, family members, husbands, wives, friends and children…….. good human-beings.


However, when the dark clouds of addiction cover the horizon of human thought and action, when the acid-rain of failure extends it’s corrupting influence into the lush pastures of intellect, when the flood of sorrow cripples the very thirst for life….. and when all hope is lost, where do you go?

The answer is REHAB !!!!…………….. err… maybe?

Well, since drug addiction in itself is an entirely physical thing, so there is always hope in rehabilitation. However, most doctors argue that helping someone get off of drugs isn’t half as difficult as it is to help them build a new life after they’ve accomplished that !! But, I think putting one’s efforts into being drug free is a huge accomplishment in itself. People who achieve this are the foremost examples of determination and courage. Moreover, they are strong unbroken individuals who deserve a platform to share their experiences and help others in the process, where nobody judges either.

Typical patient undergoing treatment in a rehab cell.
Let’s have a look at what all goes on inside an addict’s mind. For starters, suppose you are one !! Well, maybe you have to “suppose” at all 😉 heh heh heh

It’s not easy. The urge to sniff, snort, smoke and inject is like having an overly zealous Fr. Merrin bombard you with “the power of drugs compels you !!” because ALL you want to do is get high…… and yet, the only thing you don’t want to do is get high. God forbid, there may come a time when the former takes over. You don’t need your “blankie” or your “dollies” after that. You don’t care about love, respect, family and what’s right or wrong…. just that one, cold prick of the blooming needle and you’re set free. The viscous devil enters in your body and kicks all of you out. This helps, as a matter of fact, to forget the troublesome things in life and that’s the idea, you don’t want to be you anymore. You’ve messed up, you’re a loser, a pathetic waste of space and no body needs you. You just don’t want to be anymore.

Can’t blame us for dreamin !!
What’s sad is how judgmental people can be, especially in conservative societies. Everyone has to face their own demons, everyone HAS demons. You are not a paragon of uprightness and purity, what right do you have to woefully criticize someone or worse, belittle them? Clearly, there is no good in drawing attention to other people’s faults and shortcomings, but to help someone overcome them is beautiful indeed. No doubt the choice to become an addict was their own…. but, why do we forget that human inclinations are highly susceptible? Sometimes, life knows exactly how to shatter us. We get dragged into things we never wanted to do, things we hate. And who hasn’t contemplated suicide at least once in their lives? Who hasn’t been through unbearably tough times? Alas, we suck at relating to our commonalities and universalities.

The thing is, you don’t really have to do anything in life. You might as well be an addict. Simple as that! It’s all up to you, how you want your life to be and there is no one who can stop you from choosing your own path, a selfish path. BUT, if you really want to see people happy, the people who’ve loved you and cared about you, then you can’t ever possibly think about letting go !!

You just don’t live that way if you truly love someone……… and that, dear reader, is the right thing to do.

By Aamir Ahmad Amin


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