Achilles Heel

“Lost is my wagon’s wheel,
Thy love became My Achilles heel.
Elegy was I ..oh so strong…
Brittle now soft like song
Never had I, love’s embrace…
Crippled soul, forlorn face..
Deserted castle, desolated cave
Cold heart, swelled with rave
Casanova nay, bibbed my name
All the time, I’ve lived with shame
Jeers & taunts, world did cringe
Forgotten, forsaken lived at fringe
Thy arrival, thy steps,
Rekindled me Nay more thorns
But lavenders I see Vanished are now
All the rues, No more dirges
To sing the blues
They called me insane
Now they call me sane
Aren’t they? Devils in fane..
Freed I am, From every treason
For my freedom, Thee is the reason
Thee my love! Adorned my ways,
Brought light, To my light-less days
Now I pray, All the night
I searched lord! In every sight…
May you feel, The way I feel…
For thy love became My Achilles heel
Thy love became My Achilles heel
Thy love became My Achilles heel…

~Ensha Zehra

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