A Painless Parting

An unknown territory, Uncharted land
I landed in a marshy land.
My rooted feet tried harder to move
But, Alas!!!the more I tried, the firmer the grip grew.
Each effort to rise was an effort to fall
My chained existence, that was all.
In a cold and an alien place
My soggy body, my stony face.
The uninhabited land, the starless sky was enough to drown me.
But my restless heart, my guide,
beneath this stony exterior
cud not let my stumped body to wither.
Its mere aim was FLIGHT.
The throbbing clot instilled in me
The courage to rise after a fall.
Like a winged horse it drew the
broken carriage far.
I broke off the chains,
freed from the clutches
Traced smaller steps,
journeyed through slimy waters.
Removed the shards of glass
That cut my sole.
Shoved off the hurdles
like a burr from a cloth.
I moved and moved and moved afar.
An outward journey led to an inward destination.

~Heena Fayaz

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