A Man Went To God

Forsaken by people,
a man went to his creator
Complained of the misery,
The mock on him played by the people
“Am I worthless” in despair he said
God! Tell me, “What the value of life is?”
A stone was thrown, down in the hands of man,
“Go to the men, sell it not, but find the cost” said the God
The man returned,
went to a vendor, offered the stone
“Will give thee a dozen of oranges, sell me thy stone”, the vendor replied
The man remembered the command, refused
“Nay” he said, and went next to a barber
Offered the stone,
The barber touched, gazed a little and said, “Take the silver for thy stone”
Again the man refused,
Grappled the stone and went to a jeweller,
“Elite than my gold is this precious stone, take mine all gold and sell thy stone” curving his lips, the jeweller said
Forbid by the command, the man refused again
Passed the jeweller, and went to a precious stone seller;
Showed him the stone,
The stone seller, hold, examined
“Priceless, I swear, is this stone”
“Cheaper would be anything, I give you, instead of this stone”, in surprise, the stones seller said
Having fulfilled his task,
The man returned to God
“Thy task, I have completed, oh God!, now tell me the answer of my question” the man to God, said
“Indeed, you have got the answer”, replied the God
“Thy value, the men according their knowledge, will know, same as the stone, you tried to sell; precious even priceless” replied the God

~Ubaid Hyder

(Above written poem is a form of Ballad)

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