A Fly

Finally its the day when I am waiting outside the operation theatre, sitting on the last corner of that bench, dying to hear that first cry, Oh she is my angel, my baby angel. 9 months of excitement finally ending into the biggest celebration. All I wanted is her. Its the evening time, Meera hugged me tightly an said “congratulations darling” and I congratulate her back, after all she is the Mom All moments with her are just make me felt awestruck .These all are the purest feelings of Raghav, the new dad of a cutest baby girl. It’s Saturday morning. “Come-on my love lets go”. Raghav called Meera. They are going for the routine check-up of their daughter. Everything was alright, but Meera said “Raghav it’s been 9 months but baby has not even started to crawl. I am little worried”. To this Raghav replied “Oh common dear there’s nothing wrong. Time will take it on and for your satisfaction we will discuss this with doctor just calm down” and they reached the hospital. Meera was holding her angel as they discussed the nominal issue with the doctor who suggested some X rays for the baby. And the couple did so. Another day Raghav rushed to collect the reports and also to reach at his work place. He had no idea what the day is having in its loaf for him. He reached at hospital and doctor called him inside his chamber and told him “Mr. Roy sorry to say but your daughter has a disease namely “clubfoot”. Raghav exclaimed. “Clubfoot? What’s that”. Doctor told him that it is a disease which causes walking disabilities for life and Raghav’s world flipped upside down. The report file slipped from his hand, and somehow he managed himself and got back home. It is the night time. Meera is making her angel to sleep Raghav too put his hand on daughter’s head and uttered everything to Meera. Both of them cried for the whole night. Raghav held his wife and whispered “don’t worry I am here…no matter if she can’t walk, I will make her walk everywhere” all we need is to restart our life with accepting this reality. Both agreed to never cry again.

Few years passed Angel is a big girl now. It’s her 10th board exam and she called her dad, with her soft voice “Papa I am ready lets go I don’t want to get late for the examination”. Her dad came into her room and said “yes! My princess your aircraft is ready and your pilot too.” Aircraft was her wheel chair…and the pilot is but obvious her father…

Both her parents finally accepted everything, and made it her biggest strength. On the day of her results, as usual she topped the class, the day of celebration again

The family enjoyed a lot. In the evening, Angel was amazed as she found a letter on her side maze. It’s a letter from her father which changed her whole life. He confessed so many things and also wrote that she is the strongest girl in the world that’s why her dad was going to unfold another truth… “Dear daughter I have cancer and don’t have much time left. I hid it, spare me. But now It’s the time when you have to be “own pilot of your aircraft”….

After a week her dad passed away she cried like anything beside her bed and sighed with deep grief “I lost my legs again”

But she never gave up. Time passed and now she is a pilot of so many such “aircraft” it is the day when she is going to be honoured for her charity school started with the name of “Pilots”…!!!

~Vaidehi sharma

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