A Dolorous Flashback Of Drowning Paradise

A Dolorous Flashback :

All the birds damped to sing anymore, nomore melody in the airs.
The beauty torn and the pieces floating.
The charm of vale dangling upon the
neck of fury.
The forhead of valley (kashmir) dappled by the scares of calamity, the pathetic scene really daunting the hearts;
the lives floating upon the infected waters,
the stubborn floods so deaf to listen
the cries of victims.
The meadows paraded with toxic waters upon, beneath which the daffodils are dying.
The gardens ravaged and orchards enveloped by the frowzy atmosphere.The houses smashed hard and the nests of birds deeply desolated.
What kind of ominous taints targetted the vest of this fair bride(valley)? See! These waterfalls whose smiles were magnetising the crowds throughout the globe, now in deep sighs as widow crying upon the murder of her handsome husband.
The entire valley brutally trampled down the burdensome fraught of disaster, it’s innocence wailing of being left so charm out.
The jewels of greenery lost in the sink of furious flood.
Lo! the summer dreams of tourists inundating in the immeasurable depths
of cannibal waters.
The ailing nooks of the vale in lamentation and calling for the rescue and nursing.
The glow of valley burned into ashes, the moths singing the elegies while whirling over it’s corpse.
The languish boats of anglers somewhere scattered into the pieces, a lashkar
of birds somewhere dead in gutters.
The springs which were once with
pristine waters, now so lazarus to pray for the pure flow again.
The trees rolling in the flood, in deep prattle for wishing the salad surrounds
The bride of beauty prinked with the shrouds of wrath.
See! The sagacious mothers with head out upon the upper floor windows, praying for curb of calamity.
The paradise crying, the paradise drowning, the paradise floating. Ah!

By Suhaan Rehbar.

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