A Day Without Dad



A day without dad is a day which isn’t worth living…

It’s like we, as I personally feel, are wearing a cardigan of loneliness.

There’s no one who can make you happy…

Or make you feel special except your dad..

There’s no one who can take the place of one’s dad… Not even a stepfather.

Dad is a superhero for his son and the first love of his daughter

You can’t forget him even though he has given you a lot of pain (well it’s true in my case.)

He’ll still be your (my) father even if he doesn’t exists for you..

He’ll still be your father (my) even if you don’t remember his face..

Even if he hasn’t done anything for you… He’ll be your father… Residing in your heart.. 

Even if you’re far away from him but the end of the day you’ll be recognized by his name… and yes, he’s your father !


Written by Fayed Shah.

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