A Cryptic Lore

Plunged into a darkness deep within,
Silence was all I could pen down
this night, let you return to this lurch
to hear my adieu in a haiku-esque way.

I ceased to breathe, my lungs strangled
This air too proved to be a venom in disguise,
I never howled in the face of poignance
Now that you are here, let your helm be drowned.

Your smile was hoax, your love was hoax
your words, your eyes, your name was a hoax,
Your feel too was a hallucinatory bliss,
But this longing was sublime and salvation momentary.

I withered away with the morose of grief
“Nothingness,” in me seeped deep to my being.
I tried to trace my way back home
but the fire of your reminiscence set ablaze those roads.

I could have merged, I would have
with the ocean of my own blood and tears
but your vows kept me afloat…
They crimsoned my ink – my words.

And with the resurrection of your memories every night,
I’d attire them into a boat
through the voyage in the vast seas betwixt,
to unravel your image – distant and blurred.

They purged my “wait” – a lump,
Your vows – a cryptic lore
But I was not wise, I could heed none.
I was a simpleton with dreams of unison !

Thus, I only sat at the door of this abode,
Screaming into the infinite space – Your epithet !

By Qazi Marea

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